Shower Time Bliss: Experience The Luxury Of Our Premium Showers

Imagine stepping into a personal oasis each day, the warm water cascading over you like a tropical waterfall. At Bathroom Design Center, that dream can become your reality. We're America's leading Luxury Bathroom Specialist, offering an extensive range of high-end showers designed to transform your bathroom and elevate your shower time from ordinary to extraordinary.

As authorized retailers for some of the largest premium bathtub and shower manufacturers in the U.S., we don't just sell showers; we sell experiences. Whether you're looking for a rejuvenating start to your day or a tranquil end, our luxury showers promise an immersive experience beyond compare. With benefits like our price match guarantee and free shipping offer, we ensure you get excellent value for your investment. So why wait? Dive into ultimate shower time bliss with us - because at Bathroom Design Center, we believe in making every moment count... Especially those spent under a relaxing cascade of warm water.

Who is Bathroom Design Center?

We're Bathroom Design Center, America's go-to luxury bathroom specialist and an officially authorized retailer for some of the finest bathtub and shower manufacturers in the nation, promising not only a 100% satisfaction guarantee but also a price match guarantee and free shipping. Our expertise lies in curating top-notch bathroom fittings that exemplify quality craftsmanship and timeless design. When you step into our showroom, it's more than just shopping; it's an experience where we guide you through choosing fixtures that will transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Next up, let's dive into the world of our premium showers to give you an idea about what awaits you at Bathroom Design Center!

Explore Our Premium Shower Selection

Step into a world of spa-like serenity with our Maya Steam Showers. You'll love how these modern and luxurious shower panels transform your bathroom into a personal oasis. With Bathroom Design Center, you're assured the ultimate in relaxation and elegance every time you step into your shower.

Spa-Like Serenity with Maya Steam Showers

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your very own home spa with the Maya Bath Platinum Superior Steam Shower & Whirlpool Bathtub, it's like owning a personal paradise that washes away the stress of the day. This relaxation oasis integrates steam therapy, providing an array of health benefits including increased blood circulation and detoxification. Its sleek design is complemented by features such as a rainfall showerhead, body massage jets, and built-in steam function for ultimate comfort. Enjoy additional luxuries like a 12-inch LCD TV and Bluetooth compatibility to enhance your unwinding time. With this product, you're not just buying a shower; you're investing in wellbeing. Now that we've captured your interest with our superior steam showers, let's turn our attention to another exciting feature: modern and luxurious shower panels.

Modern and Luxurious Shower Panels

Imagine transforming your daily routine into a lavish ritual with the PULSE ShowerSpas Hammered Copper ORB Shower Panel - Sedona ShowerSpa. This high-end shower panel design incorporates innovative shower technology, offering six dual-function body jets, an 8-inch rain showerhead, and a hand-held wand for customizable shower experiences. The sleek modern design features a hand-forged hammered copper panel with brass fixtures in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, ensuring durability while adding elegance to your bathroom decor. It's easy to install and universally fit, providing surface-mounted and pre-plumbed convenience for effortless retrofitting. So why wait? Turn your ordinary showers into extraordinary ones with this exquisite addition from our collection. Coming up next, we'll delve into the benefits of buying from authorized retailers like us!

Authorized Retailer Advantages

As an officially authorized retailer, we're your golden ticket to unparalleled luxury, providing access to the most prestigious bathroom brands in the nation that'll make your bathroom feel like a five-star spa. Our status comes with many authorized retailer benefits that directly translate into customer satisfaction and exclusive product access.

Benefit Description Impact
Exclusive Access We offer products from top-notch manufacturers not available elsewhere. Your bathroom will stand out with unique, high-quality fixtures.
Quality Assurance As an authorized retailer, our offerings are guaranteed authentic and of highest standard. No worries about counterfeit or substandard items.
Support & Warranty Get official support and warranties straight from the manufacturers. Peace of mind with every purchase you make.
Expert Knowledge We understand these products inside out for optimal guidance. You can trust us for advising on the best product fit for you.


Our commitment doesn't stop there; next, we'll dive into our unbeatable price match guarantee policy.

Price Match Guarantee

So, not only do you get the assurance of buying from an Authorized Retailer, but we also ensure your wallet doesn't feel the pinch with our price match policy. We are committed to delivering competitive pricing while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. If you find any of our premium showers advertised at a lower price within 30 days of purchase on another online store that is an authorized retailer, we'll gladly refund the difference to your credit card. Just make sure the item is in stock and send us an email with links to both products. Please remember, this offer excludes promotions, rebates, and sales tax. Now that's value for money! But wait, there's more...let's talk about our free shipping benefit next!

Free Shipping Benefit

You're not only getting the best deal with our price match guarantee, but we'll also ship your purchase straight to your doorstep without any additional charges! This convenient delivery method is just another way we work hard to ensure total customer satisfaction. No need to worry about hauling a hefty shower or tub from store to home.

Our free shipping benefit is a significant cost-saving option for you. Imagine the time, energy and resources you'd spend on transportation if that weren't the case. Now, you can use those savings towards amplifying your bathroom's luxury feel even more! It's all part of our commitment to making your shower time bliss a reality. At Bathroom Design Center, we go the extra mile so you won't have to!

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