Indulge in Pure Luxury With the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden Arcticstone 72" Freestanding Tub - Transform Your Bathing Experience!


Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden Arcticstone 72" Freestanding Tub. Crafted from premium materials, its elegant design and generous size promise an unparalleled bathing experience. The tub's flexibility in installation and compatibility with various bathroom decors make it a versatile choice. Experience relaxation like never before, transforming your daily bathing routine into a spa-like retreat. This tub is not just a bathroom fixture, but a statement of opulence and sophistication.

Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Style

How does the unique design of the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden Arcticstone 72" Freestanding Tub contribute to experiencing unparalleled comfort and style in your bathing routine? The Arcticstone tub, with its egg-shaped solid surface, offers a spacious and ergonomic design promoting ultimate relaxation. Its smooth, non-porous surface is not only visually appealing, but it also provides an easy-to-clean, hygienic space for luxurious bathing. The freestanding style enhances the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, creating an opulent spa-like atmosphere. The large 95-gallon capacity allows for a deep soak, further enhancing the relaxation experience. In essence, the unique design of this tub combines function with style, offering a bathing experience that is both comfortable and luxurious.

Unwind in Absolute Serenity and Relaxation

The Kingston Brass Aqua Eden Arcticstone tub provides an oasis of absolute serenity and relaxation, allowing one to unwind from the stresses of the day in a luxurious soak. This freestanding tub offers a spacious and inviting space, which creates a luxurious escape from the daily grind. Its egg-shaped design and smooth solid surface construction enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom while providing ultimate relaxation. The 95-gallon capacity ensures a deep, immersive soak, turning your bathroom into a personal spa retreat. The Kingston Brass Aqua Eden Arcticstone tub's innovative and ergonomic design guarantees an unparalleled bathing experience, setting a new standard for luxury and relaxation. Embrace the tranquility and peace this tub offers and make every bathing session an indulgent experience.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

While you journey towards creating a luxurious and serene bathing space, our hassle-free shopping platform ensures a convenient purchasing process, providing detailed product specifications, secure payment options, and swift delivery services. The transformative design of Kingston Brass Aqua Eden Arcticstone 72" Freestanding Tub is highlighted by its easy installation process, enhancing your bathroom decor while ensuring utmost comfort.

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We are dedicated to making your shopping experience seamless, providing you with all the necessary information and support needed to make informed decisions. Embrace the transformative design that our products offer and enjoy an easy installation process, leading you to your dream bathing space.

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