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Bathroom design is an ever-evolving field that requires staying on top of the latest trends. As 2023 approaches, it's important to stay ahead of the curve in order to create a bathroom space that looks modern and stylish.

In this article, I've identified five key bathroom design trends for next year so you can make sure your bathrooms are up-to-date. From bold colors to innovative storage solutions, these trends will ensure your bathrooms stand out from the crowd in 2023.

Read on to discover what they are and how they'll be incorporated into upcoming designs. With my expertise as a bathroom designer, I'm confident these ideas will help you create an unforgettable look!

Dark Accent Walls

Dark Accent Walls are set to be one of the biggest bathroom design trends in 2023.

Set against a backdrop of white and neutral colors, they create an atmosphere that is both mysterious and captivating; giving bathrooms an air of sophistication and depth.

As well as being stylish, these walls can also provide a great opportunity for incorporating mixed materials such as wood or concrete for added texture and vintage accents like sconces or mirrors for a touch of character.

The perfect way to make a statement in your bathroom without sacrificing comfort, dark accent walls will have you feeling relaxed yet confident every time you step into the room.

Geometric Tiling

I'm seeing a lot of geometric shapes in bathroom designs for 2023, from hexagons to starbursts.

Texture variation is also in, with different tiles having different finishes for each shape.

Color palettes for this trend are often neutral, but you can also look for bolder colors like teal and pink for a more eye-catching look.

Plus, there's lots of ways to combine these elements for a look that's truly unique.

I'm predicting this trend will be huge in 2023 as more and more homeowners get creative with their bathroom designs.

It's definitely a style to watch out for!

Geometric Shapes

Geometric tiling is set to be one of the most popular bathroom design trends for 2023.

We're predicting a wave of maximalist decor, with bold colour palettes and abstract shapes being used to create mesmerising patterns in bathrooms all over the world.

Geometric shaped tiling will play an important role in this trend, particularly those that feature angular lines and monochromatic schemes.

These tiles can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically for different effects - the possibilities are endless!

It's easy to see why these designs have been gaining so much attention lately; they bring both style and sophistication into any space.

With more people looking to make their bathrooms stand out from the crowd, geometric tiles are sure to become even more popular in 2023.

Texture Variation

Not only will geometric tiling be popular in 2023, but texture variations are sure to make a statement too.

We predict that unconventional materials and sustainable finishes will become the norm as homeowners strive for more unique looks.

Combining different textures can create depth and visual interest in any bathroom design.

Matte tiles with glossy accents or rough stone set against smooth marble – these combinations add an element of surprise to your space and create one-of-a-kind designs.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching textures!

With this trend growing rapidly, there's no doubt that bathrooms around the world will soon have stunningly textured walls worthy of magazine covers.

Color Palettes

As homeowners continue to search for unique bathroom designs, color palettes will also be an important part of the equation.

We're predicting a vintage revival in 2023 with pastel hues making their way into more and more bathrooms from around the world.

Instead of choosing more traditional colors like whites, grays and blues, people are opting for softer shades – think lavender, light pink and soft yellow – that can add character to any room.

Not only do these subtle colors make a statement, but they can create a calming atmosphere as well!

It's no wonder why this trend is becoming so popular among interior designers everywhere.

Furthermore, when paired with geometric tiling it gives off a modern yet timeless look that'll surely never go out of style.

Floating Sinks And Vanities

Floating sinks and vanities are quickly becoming a must-have in modern bathroom designs. This trend is likely to continue into 2023 and beyond, as the clean lines of wall mounted fixtures make bathrooms appear larger while creating an airy atmosphere.

Open shelving beneath these floating elements adds a sense of openness and makes it easy to keep small items within reach. One popular way to incorporate floating sinks and vanities into your space is with open shelving. Wall mounted shelves beneath the sink or vanity create plenty of storage for towels, toiletries, and other decorative accents without taking up valuable floor space.

Self-watering plants can also be placed on these shelves for a touch of greenery that won't take too much maintenance upkeep. Another great option is utilizing wall-mounted fixtures such as mirrors, lights, showerheads, and more. Not only do they bring style to the room but they’re easy to install thanks to their lightweight frames and minimal attachments required.

With this type of design feature you will have no problem making sure all your necessary components fit perfectly without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal! The combination of floating sinks and vanities plus smart storage solutions will help you achieve an elegant yet functional bathroom design that looks amazing in 2023 and beyond!

Smart Storage Solutions

I'm excited to talk about the upcoming design trends of 2023, particularly the smart storage solutions that are revolutionizing bathroom design.

Cabinets that take up a minimal amount of space and offer ample storage are a must-have, while shelves that utilize creative solutions to maximize space are also gaining traction.

They're perfect for creating a streamlined, clutter-free look, and they don't sacrifice style for practicality.

All in all, it looks like 2023 is going to be a great year for bathroom design!

Space-Saving Cabinets

Space-saving cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design trends due to their convenience and versatility. Compact shelves, organized drawers, and cleverly designed storage solutions make it easier than ever to make the most of your available space. By investing in a few smart storage solutions, you can easily create an efficient and aesthetically pleasing bathroom that won't take up too much room.

Cabinet spaces come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to customize your own tailored solution for any size or style of bathroom. Whether you're looking for something more traditional with raised panel doors or something more modern with glass fronts, there's plenty of options out there to fit your unique needs. And if you're short on floor space, wall-mounted shelving can be just as effective when used correctly.

In addition to providing ample storage opportunities, well-thought-out cabinetry also plays an important role in helping keep your bathroom clutter free while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. From built-in organizers inside drawers and pullouts behind cabinet doors - these types of features help declutter countertops without taking away from the overall look of the space.

With such a wide range of styles available today, finding one that fits both your functional requirements as well as budget shouldn’t be difficult at all!

Innovative Shelving Solutions

When it comes to clever storage solutions, creative layouts and mixed materials are key.

Many homeowners now opt for innovative shelving systems that make the most of their available space while still maintaining a stylish look.

From open-faced cabinets with adjustable shelves to floating wall units and built-in cubbies, there's plenty of options out there that offer both form and function.

Plus, you can even mix different materials like wood, metal and glass together to get the perfect combination to match your bathroom aesthetic.

With some strategic planning you'll be able to come up with an easy-to-maintain design that looks great AND is highly functional!

Multi-Functional Bathroom Furniture

As the saying goes, “Good things come in small packages.” This is especially true when it comes to bathroom design trends for 2023. For those looking to maximize their space and create a multi-functional room, multi-purpose furniture and space saving designs are paramount.

This year will see an emphasis on clever storage solutions such as built-in cabinetry or wall shelves that double as towel racks. Additionally, foldable sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and even countertops allow homeowners to make use of every inch of available space without sacrificing style.

What's more, mirrored surfaces can provide function and beauty by reflecting light into dark corners while providing extra storage options with shelving within the frame itself. Bathroom vanity units also offer ample storage possibilities in addition to being aesthetically pleasing additions which give any room a touch of elegance.

Finally, consider adding unique pieces like custom benches or floating vanities that add character to a bathroom without taking up too much precious real estate.

The trend towards maximizing efficiency does not stop here; soon enough smart technology will be integrated into bathrooms everywhere making them smarter than ever before – but that is another story altogether!

Smart Technology

In 2023, we expect to see a surge in the use of smart technology for bathroom design. Voice activation will be increasingly popular, allowing users to control lighting and other elements with their voice alone. Smart mirrors are another innovative advancement that many homeowners are likely to consider when planning out their space; these high-tech devices offer features like motion sensors, LED lights, temperature displays and more. While they may come at an additional cost compared to traditional options, they can add a truly unique touch while bringing convenience and luxury into the home.

The next big trend in bathroom design is marble and natural stone accents. These timeless materials have been used throughout history to create beautiful spaces, but now they're being incorporated in new ways such as countertops, wall tiles, flooring and even furniture pieces. Homeowners looking for a classic look should consider adding some marble or natural stone detail into their designs – it's sure to make any bathroom stand out from the rest.

By blending modern tech with age-old elegance, you can achieve a luxurious yet functional aesthetic for your future bathroom project. With careful consideration of both form and function, you'll be able to create something special that lasts for years to come.

This combination of old meets new is sure to bring about stunning results that everyone can appreciate!

Marble And Natural Stone Accents

Having explored the potential of smart technology to revolutionize bathroom design, let's now turn our attention to a more traditional topic: marble and natural stone accents. From polished finishes to textured surfaces, these materials offer timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

When it comes to incorporating marble and natural stone into your bathroom designs for 2023, there are several options available. To help illustrate this range of possibilities, here is a nested bullet list in markdown format with two sub-lists:

  • Material Options - Granite, slate, travertine, quartzite
  • Finishes - Polished finish, honed finish, tumbled finish

With the right material option selected and an appropriate finish applied to it, you can create stunningly beautiful bathrooms that will stand the test of time.

Whether looking for subtle sophistication or dramatic flair, marble and natural stone ensure that any look desired can be achieved.

This brings us on nicely to the next trend set to dominate bathroom design in 2023 – bold colors and patterns!

Bold Colors And Patterns

Bold colors and patterns will be a cornerstone of bathroom design trends in 2023. Vibrant hues, bold contrasts, and statement-making designs will help to create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

Vibrant Hues Bold Contrasts
Deep blues High gloss black accents
Rich yellows & oranges Matte white tiles
Shades of green Natural wood finishes
Purples & pinks Sleek metal fixtures

These elements can come together to form stunningly modern bathrooms that are sure to make a lasting impression. Whether you opt for classic all-white walls or mix multiple textures and materials, the possibilities are seemingly endless. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself with color - use what speaks to your personal style! With this in mind, luxurious lighting options should be the next step on our journey through upcoming bathroom design trends in 2023.

Luxurious Lighting

I'm sure statement lighting and task lighting will be huge trends in 2023.

Statement lighting will be a big focus, with people looking for fixtures that make a statement.

Task lighting will also be a priority, as it helps to create a more functional space.

Both are key in creating a luxurious bathroom design.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is an essential element for creating a luxurious bathroom.

It's all about creative illumination, adding that extra flair to the space with statement pieces and mood lighting.

To achieve this look in 2023, think beyond traditional sconces or pendants: use sculptural fixtures that are just as artistic and eye-catching as any piece of artwork you would put on your walls.

Look for geometric shapes and unique materials like illuminated mirrors or metallic finishes to really make a statement.

Consider using multiple sources of light such as recessed ceiling lights, wall mounted lamps and even floor lamps to create balanced layers of light throughout the space.

With careful planning and design implementation, you can craft an unforgettable scene that will be sure to wow guests!

Task Lighting

Once you have your statement lighting and mood pieces in place, it's time to consider task lighting.

Strategic placement of task lighting will provide practical illumination for specific tasks and can be used as an opportunity to add even more style to the space.

Wall sconces are a great option that offer direct overhead light for activities like applying makeup or shaving.

Recessed lights behind mirrors is another way to achieve focused brightness without taking away from the aesthetic value of the room.

With careful planning, all aspects of bathroom lighting – including task-oriented elements – can come together seamlessly to create a luxurious look that is both stylish and functional!

Sustainable Design Elements

As bathroom design trends evolve with the times, sustainable elements are becoming increasingly important.

Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled glass have become popular choices for walls, countertops, and flooring in recent years.

Water saving fixtures like low flow toilets and shower heads are being used to reduce water consumption without sacrificing performance or style.

Designers are also utilizing more natural light sources accompanied by energy efficient lighting solutions that provide a warm ambient atmosphere while conserving electricity.

In addition to these eco friendly features, repurposed furniture pieces are making their way into modern bathrooms as well.

Reclaimed wood shelving units bring an organic element while upcycled furnishings add character and charm to any space.

Sustainable fabrics like hemp or linen can be seen on window treatments or bath rugs providing texture and comfort along with environmental benefits.

The focus on sustainability has even extended beyond just products and materials to encompass processes too - many manufacturers now offer lead free paints with little off gassing which help keep your air quality clean.

By making small changes throughout the bathroom design process we can all do our part in helping create a healthier environment for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost To Renovate A Bathroom In 2023?

When it comes to renovating a bathroom in 2023, the average cost can vary greatly depending on the scale of the project.

For basic DIY options such as painting and replacing fixtures, homeowners can expect to save money by not needing professional help.

However, for larger renovations that involve new tile work or plumbing changes, costs could range from $4,000-$10,000 or more.

Ultimately, when considering any renovation projects be sure to weigh all factors including budget before making any commitments.

What Are The Most Energy Efficient Bathroom Fixtures Available?

When it comes to energy efficient bathroom fixtures, there are a few options that stand out.

Smart lighting systems allow for significantly lower wattage bulbs as well as features like motion sensors and automatic shut-off timers.

There's also water saving technology available in toilets and showerheads, which can help you reduce your overall water consumption without sacrificing performance.

With these two options alone, you could easily create an extremely energy efficient bathroom with minimal effort.

What Are Some Tips For Making A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

When making a small bathroom look bigger, it's all about maximizing storage and adding modern accents.

Start by using shelves to take advantage of vertical space; stack towels or linens on the shelving to create an organized yet visually appealing aesthetic.

Install wall-mounted cabinets that can hold toiletries as well as other items you'd like to keep out of sight.

Incorporating glass elements into your design is also great for opening up space; use a glass shower door instead of curtains, and switch out solid doors with frosted ones.

Finally, choose trendy fixtures such as sleek faucets or minimalist lighting, which will give the room a contemporary feel without taking away from its spacious appearance.

How Can I Incorporate A Rustic Design Into My Bathroom?

Incorporating a rustic design into your bathroom can be an easy task if you choose the right materials and fixtures.

To add a classic look to any space, opt for rustic fixtures such as wooden cabinets or distressed metal accents.

Additionally, eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood and clay tiles are great options that will help bring warmth and texture to the room.

A few simple changes could make all the difference in creating a cozy yet stylish atmosphere!

Are There Any Safety Features I Should Consider When Designing My Bathroom?

When designing your bathroom, safety features should definitely be taken into consideration.

Waterproofing is an essential component of any bathroom design; it will help protect the space from water damage and mold growth.

Smart mirrors are also an excellent addition to incorporate as they come with built-in sensors that can detect things like smoke or carbon monoxide in the air. They can even alert you if something's amiss.

All these measures may seem a bit overkill but investing in them now could save you time and money down the line!


As bathroom design analyst, it is my job to investigate the trends of 2023. After researching and analyzing the current market, I can confidently say that these 5 trends will be huge in 2023.

Homeowners should consider energy efficient fixtures for their bathrooms, as well as ways to make a small space look bigger.

Additionally, incorporating rustic elements into your design scheme and considering safety features are both great ideas when renovating or designing your dream bathroom.

So if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve in terms of bathroom design trends, now's the time to start planning!

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